Friday, August 12, 2011

Starbucks, again for me.

Choco cream chip, Caramel and cappuccino :)
*a date with susabeth and JM /o8-o5-11*

We don't drink Starbucks to impress people, we simply love their drinks. Well, for some people, maybe.. they just have to drink because they want to show off they got money, as you's quite pricey,and we won't blame them for that:P

I remembered my first taste with Starbucks with my closest cousin. After we bought a book, we decided to have a drinks. Since we're super minors that time, and we don't make money that much (until now.Ha ha ha) we ordered the friendly price for kids? i mean for young :)) It was satisfying. The feeling you get something you wanna try.. its a nice touch. That liquid caressing your tongue makes you crave for more.

And several months later, we keep that action of reading books with a drink of Starbucks, but only once a month. Perhaps, we're not that bad spender, we think a deeper and saves money too :) And tried other drinks.

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