Monday, August 8, 2011

uncovering Tutti Frutti

In searching the meaning of tutti frutti, you would actually find a meaning of a confection (often ice cream) containing a variety of chopped fruits and/or flavors. Tutti Frutti has established its name to many different countries including Australia, Brazil, Cambodia, Canada, China, Colombia, Dominican Republic, Dubai, Hong Kong, Indonesia, Malaysia, Mexico, New Zealand, Philippines, Tahiti, Taiwan, United Kingdom, Vietnam, etc. And Obviously, it is a widely known product.

And It has now a branch in Cebu Phils opened last November 2010, in the lower ground floor of SM City. Way back last December 2010, me and my bestest friends tried the latest craze in town.

This yogurt bar made more enthralling is that its the only bar that you can customize your own yogurt and a self-service.

At first,we're only 6 customers, 2 from other group and 4 with our group.But after more than 20 mins,customers are coming in.

We selected the small ones, since we are really new to this. After having our cups, we dispense the yogurt.
Flavors like, cookies and cream, tea, chocolate, strawberry, the plain one, i forgot the other one.

And its time for the toppings, the marshmallows, different fruits, chocolate, caramel syrups, M&Ms and a whole lot more.

After it, you can now go to counter and you let them weigh your cup. Its 20 Php per oz. And you can enjoy you yogurt.

The taste is more delightful on how it actually looks. You'll always crave this. I brought my mom here, and she's addicted too it now, and my younger brother and cousins, they all love it.

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