Sunday, December 11, 2011


I swear these ladies are amazing.. I was speechless, they are so sweet & so lovely. They are so friendly that i even imagine i'm one of their bffs :))

We talked about blog and told me how to keep blogging and asked my url, i hope they'll find me :> HAHAHA. no at least they took away my bad mood, i was sort-of BAD TRIP in the morning part since we had an early shopping with mom and this sales lady pushed me, i dont know if that was intentional but it didn't matter since i really dont know how to cat-fight :) WAHAHAHA.

Camille Co was so tall, she had the prettiest legs, she's very adorable :) Lauren Uy was so charming and admirable, Everyone will love her sweet-tempered. And of course Krizzy Uy, the very charming lady and who knows how to cebuano so it was so easy for me to chit-chat her a little:P
They are all great people, i know everyone can really love them. Gracious and lovable ladies that every man dream :P

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