Sunday, December 18, 2011

French Macaroons

*peppermint and espresso macaroons*

"Curiosity kills the cat" But in this part, it murdered my money :) we got some marvelous french macaroons that tasted so incredible, we keep on asking how it really taste like and how it feels eating it :P So we bang that Vanille Shop. What makes this so expensive is,you'll pay for 40php already in just 3 bites, this macaroons are so cute :P. But it doesn't matter, it really taste so good, i can't choose what makes it worth paying for, the place- which makes you feel you're in a royal house, the macaroons itself, or simply its Blair Waldorf's(Gossip Girl) all time favorite...

Welcome to Vanille Pastry shop:)

Caramel Macaroons, French Lavender Macaroons, Tableya Macaroons, Orange, Hazelnut, Strawberry, Coconut,Espresso, and Peppermint Macaroons..

Other than macaroons,they have this mouth-watering cakes, like this chocolate round shape cake,The other one is the chocolaty square type. & the Calypso made of light mango mouse, spongecake brushed with syrup, fresh mango cubes and meringue.
They also have Praline Sans Rival, a meringue covered with cashew nuts.
They offer chocolate bars too :)

Wishing you a

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