Thursday, January 19, 2012

Last Summer

Call me bias, but Shangrila Mactan is the best Resort you've ever experience. Well, for me, The staffs (bias again? Parents are working real hard here in Shang). Okay, Seriously, the service, the food, the place of course, Name it they offer the best.

Not my first time, but somehow it always feel like first time. I never get tired of staying at Shangrila Mactan though i've been here tons of times already, for the fact that I almost know all the places there, the resto, the Spas, everything, but it always excite me whenever they decide to have an overnight stay. I even bring my friends and asked them to visit, who wouldn't say No for it, right? A 5-star hotel is no joke. Consider yourself lucky friends:)) So here's my Shangrila 11 :)

Waiting in the Lobby, then go straight to our rooms. With mom, grandma and cousins :)

Taking a pose, and some craziness..

My Phenomenal bestfriend (abby, the one wearing cute pink dress) visited there too, and my closest friends. Pictures are everywhere :>



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