Friday, January 6, 2012

tons of Cadburry :)

My Kuya (older brother) called my name, i've been waiting for him to come home for almost an hour now, since i need his editing skills for our project, but an happenstance came when i go out to my room minutes later and found first the Monopoly, everyone's favorite game here... So when i search for Kuya's bag.. I found UNO Cards, which made me feel so high, and my smile could reach to my ears, not an overstatement but I enjoyed playing UNO. Along with this, I found boxes, i thought it was books, pardon my ignorance, but I got so giggly all over as if Chuck Bass kissing Blair in an episode of Gossip Girl, or lovey sending me sweet messages. Hahahaha. It was not just any other thing, It's tons of Chocolates. Oh! I feel heaven when i saw these cadburry-ies. Whatever you say, but chocolates made my day :D

THANK YOU SOON-TO-BE SISTER-IN-LAW :) Thanks Ate rea, *mubo jud kaau mig kalipay :P*
Sweet thank you from all of us :>

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