Thursday, February 23, 2012


Meet my cousins, Marie and Joan.Cousins in blood, but sisters in heart=)

This little cute in height, hahaha: Marie is my ever bestest friend ever.. I can share tons of secrets that i know she can share it too to someone. HAHAHA,but i never felt any danger about it. HAHAHAHA:P Since childhood, she was my loyal playmate, and until now she's still my faithful cousin i ever know, though there are some misunderstandings at times, we still cling to each other and act nothing happened, that is one of her best trait, Ignoring and sometimes she doesn't care, these traits have some advantages too. And plus she is a keen observant.

*Wearing: Blue Checkered-Marie
*wearing: Brown Blouse-Joan

And Joan, my cousin fresh from Pampanga, we treated her as our real cousin though she's our Uncle's Niece. I met her when i was 8 and we became friends and exchanged letters and gifts these past years. She's 15 and cute. she's the silent type and so different compared to me and marie, we're excessively communicative :)) But she's so cool! She's game to every outdoor activities. I never heard her saying NO to us. HAHAHA

Enough with these girls. gone to LOGOS HOPE, i supposed tons of blogger blogged this already, i'm a little bit late, a ship who sells books. & help unfortunate kids. they serve all types of books, from Fiction to Non-Fiction. Foods, Cars and most especially inspirational books.

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