Wednesday, June 27, 2012

ECO Green in Shangrila

Bare with me, i'm such a weirdo, i make blogs when i feel it, i was going to start with this few weeks ago and was sort-of busy but too much with that, here whats ECO Green was all about, Lets start from the bottom, My mom invited me to this forum for two main reasons, for pure pictures, she made me a complete photographer with no talent fee, *Im fine with that* and because she knows me well, i'm obsessed with the environment and with fashion which makes me more excited. On the day of the event,as I rode going to Shangrila Mactan I realized something, "what if i'm alone, with this bunch of students with their friends, it seems i'm such a loner since Mom is in duty" I texted my close friend, and can't attend my lovey too is having his classes. So when i walked, someone so familiar from a far, and to my suprise it was one of my high school friends, Now i'm saved :) His friends was amazingly nice though they were a bunch of drop-dead gorgeous gals. They were so friendly, i easily get along with them. ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------ Now the forum starts at 9am. The Speakers were great, Mr. Alan McIver shared about the waste management, but i've got to be honest, i can't really understand him:/ His voice was so soft plus he is super slang, idk maybe i'm way too far:)) and here comes, Ms Mary Jean Cruz, boosting up our self confidence :> AND the Snacks! :) Everyone's favorite :D
(morning7afternoon snacks) The Go Green Event to showcased different things that connects to the environment, bags, accesories and foods. They are all eco-friendly.
Me and Loven :)
Before we had lunch, I found someone too I can look up for the rest of my life, They inspired me, no not an exaggerated statement, but REALLY! They ware great. Ms Chit Juan was incredible, she's cool and so rich:)) She owns tons of store. Hahaha and Ms Ana Meloto, she have 3 kids but she looks like 20 and super sexy.She's one of the good people behind Gawad Kalinga:D After we had lunch.. Ms Anna Oposa, w/c they call her the mistress of the sea, 'cause she is super into the water part, she's a diver, a freelance journalist..speaker, an artist:) Mr. Libosada talked about the Eco TOurism and lastly, We met "Gina Lopez", so wiity and so smart :) She shared videos about the mining in palawan, the pretty place called sibugay. After the Speakers shared their thoughts, we're out for some Breakout Sessions, I'm in the class of Chef Joris Rycken which is another Slang words used, but completely fine 'cause i make sure i'm in front.He cooked Salmon,basil, spinach,etc. But mom called me and didn't finish my Green Cooking Class :))
Found Ate cherry, my close schollmate and now a lifestyle writer in Sunstar who is covering the fashion show..
So after this, the fashion show begins, the Shangrila goes first as they proudly show their piece with used towels and table cloth.\
And other well-known fashion designer too showed their amazing pieces, such as OJ Hofer and many more. I got the chance to go backstage and got some pictures with the models.
I'm Super thankful with mom, 'cause without her mighty powers i wouldn't got any chance to meet the models and got starstrucked by the amazing designers.:)) And my photography skills were test, but failed to do it.. As quoted by Ms Chit Juan, 'dont afraid to fail" no i guess there are SOME photos that looks good.:D

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