Saturday, August 4, 2012

Strolling around.

We all have this YOLO side of us, and partying at least once a year feed the urge of your belief that You Only Live Once. :) We ate our dinner at Manang Fe in Soong Branch.
After we ate our dinner, we dropped by to our special assignments and We started to Morning the Night :) Meet Janine, niece of my Uncle, the L.A girl. I think she's so nice and really sweet, she's still have the heart of filipina though she is incredibly so american looking :> So we Strolled around the crowded IT Park. Confused and still deciding where to stay when Marie suggested to go to YO.U at Parkmall. We just ordered Milt tea in ITea, at least it will refreshed our thirst after we had a long walk, btw we got 2 rounds walking around in IT Park :P. We ordered Tiramisu, Chocolate, Hazelnut Milk tea and a strawberry smoothie.
I'm a fan of drinking milk tea, i just love it except for Joan who don't like her chocolate milk tea. After the refreshments, we rode a taxi going to parkmall and the party just got started at 11pm :) We bought just a cocktail, and do some vanity moments and some story telling.
Me and Marie got a little, just a little tipsy and we went to restroom and when we decided to go home the music is so inviting that we wanna dance right away so we got a little wild too, most especially my dearest Joan who was so hyper and dance to the beat.
After a bunch of guys attempting to mingle with us, Marie is like more of an older sister than me, she was so concerned so we go home right away. I'm happy Janine was really game and admitted it was her first to do some dance in the club which surprised us a little bit too 'cause she is living in Los Angeles. And the 4 of us dream together in Joan's Room :)

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