Friday, August 10, 2012

Sunny Day

One of the pressured moments in my life. I slept for 3 hours and got to business at around 7 am, I was the driver who extremely hates the heat of the sun touching to my brownish skin when I drive, I can't enjoy driving with this sun rays. We haven't eaten our breakfast so we ordered at Jolibee where it was my first time that an officer ask for my license, I violated the "No Stopping", i was about to cry when the officer said 'this time I forgive you' That was a relief and drove away immediately.
Now we're heading to Plantation Bay for some Day Use. And instantly pay, and this frontdesk lady gets my nerve off, I was really in my bad mood which she worsen in her crappy treat to us, I thought Plantation Bay got some good services, well, THEY DON'T! She was really in her evil side, when my cousin ask something and she was so mad about it, OH COME ON! You Suck Miss, she was really irritated on our questions, how about that? What her damn use? Is she working? so I don't have the guts to confront her that i usually do, but decided not to because i might make a scene, so i ignored it and maybe she was having a bad day too.
We went ahead to asked for our towels and go changed to their Restroom.
And after it, We start walking around and tried every pool. Ha ha ha. And do some snap shot, as always :)
Me, Janine, Joan and Marie enjoyed the pool and this cute korean couple ask if i can take pictures to them and in return they took a picture of us 4 too :)
Enjoying the day.
Im not being bias, but i don't like Plantation Bay's service :(, they were just 4-5 staff who greeted us and we're treating us nice. Not a commendable place to stay, I'm still a loyal fan to Shangrila, I think No one can beat Shang's good services, i mean GREAT Services. Plantation is nice, but not their staff, if i have to rate them maybe 2 out of ten, they don't pass my standards, quite mean? But NO! They should have been friendly. Gaaah! Most especially in KILIMANJARU resto, the personnel their drained all my bad mood. I was a bit okay that time, and this one guy who continuously ignoring us. We're hungry and they just keep staring, Is it us? Or are you really doing this for a purpose? I sure can tell all my friends my experience. I want to eat spontaneously but they don't let us do that, so we enjoy ourselves with some snapping pictures. We got there at 12:30 and finished our courses at almost 2pm. This is real! Seriously? You can eat that long? I mean, we were there to enjoy the resort, not only the resto, Though their foods are great, sumptuous meal we have,but still good services really matters! :)
the FOOD :)
Maybe i'll just stop talking about their services, we still enjoyed the day even there are some distractions. I think, my favorite staff there is Manong,the driver of the Kalesa, he was nice and super friendly.
So we go home at 6pm,we have no good stories to tell except on how delicious there food are.Hahahaha.

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