Monday, October 29, 2012

Turn the Lights On

I feel so comfy and great wearing this outfit. The top must say it all, the color and stones are incredibly nice.
Top: Sands Boutique Shorty Skirt: July Accesories: Aizylym Bag: Kay Jones, from Canada
Some photos were taken at Shangrila, when we fetch mom after the event, so we waited her at the Restroom and feed our vanities :)
Me and my pretty phenomenal best friend went to cocktail event. Ms. Anne, the owner sells make ups and have some little bites. The registration was free then. Ms anne was really nice, she was really friendly, she's pretty and i love her hair :) So here are some photos froem the event :D
The event had a make-up tutorial and and 50% mark down in all items.


  1. look amazing!

    mind to follow each other?

  2. Thank you so much for your comment and following my blog! I did followed you back and hope you stop by blog again!

    little K.


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