Saturday, November 10, 2012

Bite me vampie, I'll like it.

fitting in a way that shows the shape of your body, this clingy and a vintage type dress makes me think of portraying Elena's Gilbert or Bella Swans place:P It's Bobbie Brooks violet dress,at the back,a button-through dress has buttons that go from the top to the bottom. I love the fit and its color. The vintage touch and the place are perfect.
Photo taken by; Allyson Jimenez.
HYPE it:)


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  2. cute dress!!

  3. Thanks keyti, i will :D Hi pretty steph! Thanks :D

  4. Hi nice dress,i like it.
    I follow you now,if you can follow me back i will be glad.
    Let me know!

    Kisses from germany ;)


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