Monday, January 21, 2013


I just had my BEST SINULOG experience :)
The original plan was to go exactly 4am,but my bestfriend, Abby enjoyed her beauty rest and failed to wake her up with a 75 missed calls,so instead she promised to fetch me in my crib at 7am sharp, good thing I called my other besty Susabeth and taddaa, she's awake at 3:30 so we plan to go together since she's going at 8 am too and I catch a one hour and more sleep after and we are ready to conquer SINULOG =) Hahaha
Abby's friend Lanie, have a dorm near Cebu Doc, and she let us stay and put our things there. Lanie was really nice,and though i met her that day, i can't feel any awkward times when i'm with her. She's one of the coolest people i know :) She's easy to be with.
Lanie,her friend Karryle, abby and me gone to the streets and bought a shirt form Island Sousvenirs and have it cropped.
I just had the craziest experience of the crowd, I can't hardly breathe. I guess there were no space for anything, it was filled with a lot of people and we have to hold hands because if someone let go, she'll probably be lost and nowhere to be found hahahahaha. Lanie even joked after we survived ~ "THANKS TO THAT, IT STRENGTHENED OUR FRIENDSHIP" :P
 photo IMG_4300_zps96b78818.jpg  photo IMG_4310_zps7d7e8504.jpg  photo IMG_4306_zpsfc90a069.jpg  photo IMG_4305_zps8e2787fa.jpg  photo IMG_4307_zpse78a129d.jpg
 photo IMG_4322_zpsd1decad2.jpg  photo IMG_4323_zps4646bfcc.jpg IMG_4367_zpsc566eec0 photo IMG_4367_zpsc566eec0.jpg
We rest a little and people are coming already. Here was abby's close friend angelie, then her other amazing classmates Dimple and Alysa and some coolest new friends, Rica, Mayet, Patty, Char, Kirby, oops sorry i forgot the other 3 :D THEY ARE ALL NICE AND EASY TO GET ALONG. AND WE STARTED PARTYING~HARD CORE at almost 4pm till 2am :P
 photo IMG_4337_zps8139f724.jpg  photo IMG_4333_zps81656568.jpg  photo IMG_4363_zpsf00d0d8c.jpg  photo IMG_4364_zpsaaaaadae.jpg  photo 528846_4775165889530_1414295642_n_zpse2b49cbe.jpg  photo 427979_4775211130661_1807011797_n_zpsf63da523.jpg  photo 424097_4775169889630_1921639697_n_zpsb7aa94bd.jpg  photo 304199_4775204890505_727443156_n_zpsf0e6bee3.jpg  photo 312432_4775274212238_220283156_n_zps3d387214.jpg
MEET THE QUEENS OF FASHION BLOGGING, SPOTTED: Kryz Uy, Patricia Prieto and my Camille CO :D
 photo 424122_4775271492170_866284087_n_zps89070b6d.jpg I love mom's gift, the leggings :)  photo IMG_4359_zps485a1df5.jpg IMG_4371_zpsa7f09edb photo IMG_4371_zpsa7f09edb.jpg  photo IMG_4358_zps6606a3da.jpg
I dont care if you smell beer, paints or you;re the messy,smelly girl on her wild side, i can't stop loving you and i'll be there hugging and kissing you forever pbf! :* :* THANK YOU AGAIN AND AGAIN :D IMG_4376_zpsf8930c44 photo IMG_4376_zpsf8930c44.jpg


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