Sunday, February 3, 2013

Joyride with my love bugs =)

If i have to define whats friendship, I'll stick to this; someone who knows all about you and still loves you :) You just cant create friendship without pure love. And I'm lucky i have great real friends to count on, and yna dear and kambal jel are one of my love bugs :D
Our friendship started way back in our junior year in high school, but yna and i we're best of friends already when we're 2nd year, and jel joined us, I remember someone called us THE BEAUTIFUL GURLS (hehehe,we all have different perceptions of the word BEAUTIFUL) and so whenever the hit song beautiful girls by sean kingston is playing,we all go giggly and some of our classmates are calling us. thats real LOL :P so thats the history of our theme song. hahaha We all have shared memories, late night talks and we do some girly things in each cribs, non stop chikas and everything. There may be a lot of changes in our lives, but its the same yna and jel i know, its still the same girls i fell inlove 6 years ago. Its nice, when you don't worry time anymore, not like when we were kids,hahaha though we almost see each other everyday in school we still hangout to someones house and we have curfews, but now, i love it when we can dream together and woke up seeing such pretty faces beside me:) I can't exactly trace how it all started, but we surely end up one of the beautiful things people call, and thats TRUE FRIENDSHIP.
And lately, we bond together again,with yna's other bff dimples and her baby sophie, the beautiful girl in our lives and kambal's baby mazda hahahaha we drove around and bond big time :)
too bad Sabet was working:( Sabet sometimes joined our late night talks and bonding moments in someone's crib. hehehe
 photo IMG_4360_zps4cac7e62.jpg  photo IMG_4384_zpsf17df62d.jpg  photo IMG_4389_zpsbd0d6c61.jpg
say hi to my dear yna :) *the sweet pretty girl, who loves to joke around. She's one of the reason why my heart goes dancing whenever im tired, i love her from the bottom of my heart*
 photo 1_zps336e3fbc.jpg
hi to my kambal, we call each other like that 'cause we're almost alike, we have a lot in common, i know she's way prettier than me, and yes shes breaking necks. I love her with all my pumplike organ, she is simply one of the best =)
 photo 2-1_zps84211b48.jpg


  1. Cute baby! its always fun being with your girls :D bisag chika2 lang hours would pass by.

    1. you wouldnt mind the hours steph when your with ur bestgirlfriends <3 yesss. supeer cutest baby! Thanks steph :D

  2. you made me jealous! i miss late nights in the philippines :)
    glad you had fun with your friends :)
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    you can check it here!

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  3. Great Blog!

    Would you like to follow each other on GFC?


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