Tuesday, March 5, 2013

early summer breeze :)

Feeling high whenever i can smell some summer breeze, and last February 20-21 marked the start of my summer days. You bet, I have uncritical enthusiasm when it comes to sands, sunny days and salty water. Aaahhh i'm such a whore with beaches hahahaha, i love it more than i love my skin. LOL :)
Another memories of a fantastic life at Shangrila Mactan.
 photo IMG_4461_zps82e3a853.jpg  photo IMG_4472_zpsf4ecb39d.jpg  photo IMG_4635_zpsc3f212d0.jpg  photo IMG_4546_zps8d7d3cdf.jpg  photo IMG_4765_zpsd3998088.jpg  photo IMG_4644_zps096ccc5a.jpg  photo IMG_4716_zpsc6fc3746.jpg  photo IMG_4483_zps227571fa.jpg  photo IMG_4508_zps909a8caf.jpg  photo IMG_4487_zpscffaefe9.jpg
Thanks Tita Nanette for the pasalubongs :*

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