Wednesday, August 7, 2013

Things I have to say.

I breathed fast paced life these days,the last time I checked the clock was 9am and suddenly it was already dark outside-that is what one little detail that makes me think of a heap of negative thoughts and ended up with the same question "Am I doing this fine?" (because I have to live in what they call wonderful life) and fill the air of a tactility of pure blahs.
Though as people find me hyper, and maybe energetic and full of smiles, I still it find easy to get into the trap of my own bleakness. It drains you out, the more you feed them, the stronger they become and left you flimsy.
But I don't let this blind me for a longest time, I never want to stay with them, negative thoughts are hard to stop. And one thing for sure, when you focus all the good things you will later realize how grateful you are.
I assume these things, helped me to retrieve myself though some times which I can't but theres always good scenes that make me wake up. •
It surely improves your mood.
Surround yourself with positive people
I admit, i have this weird side of me, well we all do but mine is literally critical so I surround myself with friends that are much more critical, I say the most sick friends you have, so I always end up happy :)
I sing till I choke my saliva, well thanks to smule applicatin from my phone haha and the videoke app, it releases bad energies :P
Do what you love
It maybe, walking around the mall.. Draw something, dress up, dance, read a book and write a story or have a good massage and maybe go somewhere that frees you, Do something you can express :)
List of the things that makes you grateful
IT HELPS, It makes you feel more blessed, and theres always a good life :)
Think positively, Move forward and help yourself.
You are what you think, keep it flow till you get there :)

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