Friday, September 14, 2012

taco loco :P

folded or rolled around a filling with a corn/wheat tortilla and a widely known as a Mexican traditional dish :) Basically, a taco is not just beef but may have lots of varieties too, like chicken, vegetables or even sea foods, but i rather go eat like a monster when its compose with beef fillings.

One of the best taco here is in Mc-joy, find me so ordinary, but i love how their taco taste plus its cheap. and the tacos too :) Its mom's all time favorite snack! in which this so-called 'addicted to taco' is viral. If she's in level 9 in loving tacos, well, i'm in level 10 :P

Speaking or writing about mexican foods, another amazing dish, mexican have is the 'Burritos'. Moon Cafe Restaurant have this perfect touch of an mexican theme, which they offer tons of great dishes, like mexican foods, and to tell you their super great. The baby back ribs, the tacos and the burritos. I tasted some burritos in town, but this certain burritos leave a perfect mark in my tongue, i tasted it in the club, 'Chicago Jeoe' Swear! you feel like your in heaven tasting this, no exaggeration, i want moreee wth this burritos :D

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