Thursday, July 3, 2014

Temporarily Unavailable.

I'll get back soon, I miss blogging too. I just need to keep things in place and insert this hobby at least once a week.Ohhhh how I miss college days, where I have enough time to read,blog/write, listen to music, drink endless cappuccinos, eat chocolate or just simply watch the world go by. I guess I have a lot of time-management stuffs to learn hoho. See you! :) Mwuaaaa :*

Sunday, September 22, 2013


I always get excited about indulging my self again to Sauna, aside from I can loose weight from it, It's been one of my way to get relaxed, feel good and can rejuvenate skin as well. There are quite a lot of benefits you can get from SAUNA, Sauna can make you feel fresher, reduces instances of cold, ensures cleansing skin, reduces infections and rashes, etc. There are also several health related benefits of sauna.It can help with by detoxifying your body.
Temperature inside a sauna is really warm, and you can set it to warmer if you want, by this it helps the skin sweat and reducing not just the toxins, but also trapped water which was combined with the toxins. You will feel lighter after you have been in a sauna since you did sweat and removed all the toxins and water retained inside your body.
And lately,I got the chance to treat myself with the sweetest aroma of SAUNA, with the 43 degrees jacuzzi at Shangrila Mactan again, together with Iona:> too bad, I wasn't informed so I used my phone, my bad for the low quality. And recycle my previous sauna pictures :> hehehe
 photo 1012628_10201277892690513_364267387_n_zpsc8600d23.jpg Last year,  photo 226433_2087196220668_5784806_n_zps8386ec50.jpg  photo 226813_2087193500600_1338636_n_zps69984257.jpg
you can check and read more here,

Wednesday, August 7, 2013

Things I have to say.

I breathed fast paced life these days,the last time I checked the clock was 9am and suddenly it was already dark outside-that is what one little detail that makes me think of a heap of negative thoughts and ended up with the same question "Am I doing this fine?" (because I have to live in what they call wonderful life) and fill the air of a tactility of pure blahs.
Though as people find me hyper, and maybe energetic and full of smiles, I still it find easy to get into the trap of my own bleakness. It drains you out, the more you feed them, the stronger they become and left you flimsy.
But I don't let this blind me for a longest time, I never want to stay with them, negative thoughts are hard to stop. And one thing for sure, when you focus all the good things you will later realize how grateful you are.
I assume these things, helped me to retrieve myself though some times which I can't but theres always good scenes that make me wake up. •
It surely improves your mood.
Surround yourself with positive people
I admit, i have this weird side of me, well we all do but mine is literally critical so I surround myself with friends that are much more critical, I say the most sick friends you have, so I always end up happy :)
I sing till I choke my saliva, well thanks to smule applicatin from my phone haha and the videoke app, it releases bad energies :P
Do what you love
It maybe, walking around the mall.. Draw something, dress up, dance, read a book and write a story or have a good massage and maybe go somewhere that frees you, Do something you can express :)
List of the things that makes you grateful
IT HELPS, It makes you feel more blessed, and theres always a good life :)
Think positively, Move forward and help yourself.
You are what you think, keep it flow till you get there :)

Sunday, July 14, 2013


A virtuoso DJ was here last Saturday, 07-13-13 at Waterfront Hotel Cebu City. He's been around the Phils and conquered the Manila a day before. Top 1 DJ in the world, the German award winning guy swoon the crowd with his magical electronic house music.
 photo 217336_10201418711010883_459940485_n_zpsb256930c.jpg  photo 998510_10201418686330266_130732865_n_zpsa5738673.jpg  photo 14792_10201418699050584_1127730668_n_zps9578e89f.jpg  photo 998167_10201418684570222_1963147602_n_zps7ce91464.jpg  photo 156128_10201418709930856_1017014243_n_zps84e6c8c2.jpg  photo 63997_10201418708170812_155728804_n_zps6c287109.jpg  photo 970779_10201418714650974_512190524_n_zps704f48f4.jpg read more:

Tuesday, May 28, 2013


Can I give this movie more than a hundred stars? Richard LaGravenese deserves an award, Man you have to be kidding me he can't have it, He's leveling Shakespeare *happiest face* I know, it weirds me out too that im making a review with a movie, but this is legendary, first time that I fell so, very, much in love with the whole sequence, I could even use embellish term just to enlarge beyond bounds on how a genius made this story. Hahahaha :P Im exaggerating because I regret every word that i uttered upon hearing this and told my besties with a dry tone. "Naah, later, it could be boring" "Maybe, not now.. same old twilight story" "Its nice? Full of talking witches?" I have scatterbrain part too. AHHH! Why now after months? I LOVE THIS MOVIE so much that im writing a review on it and i want to hold every page of its book.
Enough with it, the story was about the tale of two star-crossed lovers: Ethan, a young man longing to escape his small town, and Lena, a mysterious new girl. Together, they uncover dark secrets about their respective families, their history and their town.
Im not a bit spoiler here, just please watch it yourself and go crazy like me because i regret not watching it last december. Hahah I should have made Ethan and Lena come to my dreams earlier hahaha.
ITS NOT JUST A TYPICAL TEENAGE ROMANCE, ITS ABOUT PEOPLE, POWERS, DARK SECRETS, FAMILY AND LOVE. And plus i can't help smiling and laughing with this film is legitimately funny in some ways. Highly entertaining. I super love this, i can't help but to repeat these words. I LOVE THIS FILM

Sunday, May 12, 2013

you and i collide.

I had my break for a wedding, I somehow feel ease with this scenes. Shynn and Daryl were one of the loveliest couple, they prove everyone how truly they felt for each other that no matter what circumstances they have shared, good and bad they still end up together and tied their love.
Photographers: Rose Ann Espina, Mary Elaine Baring and with the help of Ian Intong
PS The correct date is 04-13-13 :)

Sunday, March 31, 2013

Happy Graduation=)

It felt like it was just yesterday, or maybe few days ago when i cried on my first day because I have no close friends there, when i have a hunch of twisted emotions, anxiety, sadness, happy and proud because I passed the entrance exam of Cebu Normal University and had to withdraw my subjects in USJR and have separate ways with my girlfriends, (plus my USJR uniform was almost done hahaha) and it felt yesterday when i just made very exciting and forever great memories as a Normalite.
My freshmen years was a pure adjustment, I CANNOT DEAL WITH THIS 'NANING' classmates, because this is not me after all hahahahahaha. I'm responsible, i can do my homework and pass it on time but studying everyday isn't really my thing. I can't focus on a thing for a long time but i guess, oh wait I BELIEVE I have answered every exam correctly with an average scores well except on my math related subjects HAHAHAHAHAH.
I thought im bidding a bad goodbye on my carefree me but good thing i found pretty girls around, which i can call friends not just friends with benefits because they are the source of all my answers in my exam, KIDDING :P but friends for life and they are a pack of smart chick with carefree attitudes too <3
I will forever keep those late nights editing,rush shooting, thesis pressure, laughter, korny jokes, dealing with hard professors and everybody. CNU, i hail your name with pride, to you i give my loyalty, your guide will be my light :) Thanks dearest universtiy and all my fellow normalites, thanks for everything, i can't thank you enough and im speechless about it, basta THANK YOU! =)
Thank You Dear Lord for everything, Thanks to my lovebugs; family, friends and special friends hahahaha.
This is it, marching down with a nude color heels, and ooopps i never wanted to break rules and the only one wearing it while everybody is in their black shoes hahahaha but it went well btw :P
 photo 2-1_zps46143c2d.jpg  photo IMG_4956_zps894fdd3e.jpg  photo IMG_4941_zps92ea8a75.jpg  photo 1_zps1288f0aa.jpg  photo IMG_4991_zps4229fa73.jpg  photo 4-3_zps406c5ac6.jpg
what i wore :)
 photo IMG_5092_zpsb5418644.jpg  photo IMG_5089_zps379f9fcb.jpg  photo IMG_5087_zpsfea04f2a.jpg  photo IMG_5085_zpsdf2dd42a.jpg  photo IMG_5093_zps05badaff.jpg  photo IMG_5098_zpsa240a662.jpg  photo IMG_5093_zps05badaff.jpg  photo IMG_5103_zpsa9ebf499.jpg
Dress: designed by yours truly, made by Ate Linda and Bernard Shoes: MOY nude color Accesories: Aizlym ;)
hope you'll HYPE THIS
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