Sunday, September 22, 2013


I always get excited about indulging my self again to Sauna, aside from I can loose weight from it, It's been one of my way to get relaxed, feel good and can rejuvenate skin as well. There are quite a lot of benefits you can get from SAUNA, Sauna can make you feel fresher, reduces instances of cold, ensures cleansing skin, reduces infections and rashes, etc. There are also several health related benefits of sauna.It can help with by detoxifying your body.
Temperature inside a sauna is really warm, and you can set it to warmer if you want, by this it helps the skin sweat and reducing not just the toxins, but also trapped water which was combined with the toxins. You will feel lighter after you have been in a sauna since you did sweat and removed all the toxins and water retained inside your body.
And lately,I got the chance to treat myself with the sweetest aroma of SAUNA, with the 43 degrees jacuzzi at Shangrila Mactan again, together with Iona:> too bad, I wasn't informed so I used my phone, my bad for the low quality. And recycle my previous sauna pictures :> hehehe
 photo 1012628_10201277892690513_364267387_n_zpsc8600d23.jpg Last year,  photo 226433_2087196220668_5784806_n_zps8386ec50.jpg  photo 226813_2087193500600_1338636_n_zps69984257.jpg
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  1. I have never tried a sauna before, inet nmn kaau sa amu.a gud.hehe! try nya ko f i get to go to a spa.

  2. mao sad na akung feeling, pero nice man steph maka wa jud sya sa stress. hehehehe mao nang recomended ang massage after hehehehe


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