Monday, June 7, 2010

Jupiter was hit by an asteroid

It was a huge news when Jupiter was hit by an Asteroid again and created a fire stream. When a huge planet similar to Jupiter is hit with an Asteroid what could possibly happen. The observer who was able to see the second lifetime impact on Jupiter was an Australian Amateur Astronomer, Phil Plait. Could this Jupiter Hit By Asteroid Again be a major coincidence?

The first event was actually taken from the July 2009 observation that led to the huge impact when a comet hits Jupiter. And now, Jupiter get Hit By Asteroid Again this Thursday at 20:31 UTC. While we was bserving Jupiter when something hit the atmosphere, generating a huge fireball

It has been studied that the Jupiter actually guards Earth from incoming Comets and Asteroids. Could this have save us from an Aerospace tragedy? We have a video right here showing these details. More updates from this science news on Jupiter Hit By Asteroid Again will be updated sooner so do check back.

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