Thursday, December 15, 2011

adorable studs:)

Reviving my childhood days, i always allergic to fashion jewelries, i still retrospect the tiny bubbles resulting any fake jewelries, in my hand due to my bracelet or even watches,awful neck due to my necklaces and of course in my ears, wearing those fancy earrings. This skin is really 'maarte', she likes wearing real silver, gold, diamonds? hahaha. And I'm not into those shiny shimmering jewelries, 'cause i love those cute studs with variety of style.. i wanna wear different everyday, so i was rebellious to my skin which i continue wearing fashion jewelries though they give me this indescribable itchiness. To my surprise, it was long gone.. and now I'm confident to wear it without worrying the itchy stuff. Except for bracelets, i still got that allergy but in earrings, Oh lala.. I have tons of cute earings in my box already:)

I wore this Maskara studs last Monday, and got the chance to advertise it in our entrepreneurial class, since we're supposed to market a place and Bacolod is really known as 'City of Smiles'
This cute green is what i wear the most in school.

My bebe (closest friend) gave this to me last December as a gift, i fell in love with this earrings right away :)

And my favourite studs- The Strawberry:> Almost everyone said how cute they are :)

My couple studs and a pair of clothes :)

Cheesecake studs are so cute

'Ms. Nerdy Studs, 'little bronze basket.. cute dress,an owl & another cute yellow nerdy girl studs.

I have a robot stud that i only used once, the pair fell somewhere.. & this studs aren't available anymore :( But i still keep its other pair.

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