Thursday, February 23, 2012


We had an awesome road trip last February 19, its a family day for us. It's been 3 hours on the road going to Barili, Cebu. Mom knew where we are heading so no worries. We stopped over to the Barili's Milk Station and ate our lunch there. Their ice creams we're incredible, so milky *of course* and their fresh milk is pretty great, i even finished the whole cup.

After the stop-over, finally we're goin to our destination, about 20 mins we're in MANTAYUPANS FALLS already.

I can't really tell on how high the falls is, but its water is so splashy that reach to our table. We're sort-of wet already in the first 5 mins we stayed there. HAHAHA.
I was so coward too that i rented a life jacket. And once you are all wet, just watch your steps 'cause its too slimy, you might go on watching yourself sliding in to the rocks. I was slightly swimming for about 20 mins, the water is great too, its clean. but i'm weird, once i started to stare the place it gives me chills. I'm just weird, i just thought there is someone watching me, a ghost probably but nothing happened to us. HAHAH. We're home very safe. Exhausted but our trip was hella fun :D

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