Thursday, February 23, 2012


Believe me, first time in my records that i gone home 5am without my parents.. I hit the club together with my cousins, friends and my younger brother, lucky us, I have a young tita who can drive us and party with us too. It is just fun being YOUNG, WILD AND FREE :)

We strolled around the Mango Avenue, had some shots there *as if i'm a drinker* Hahahaha. After my young cousin told he was only 15,he's not allowed to enter the Club, so we transferred to I.T. Park and continue our enthusiasm, 'let's morning the night' The boys had some real hard shots there and while me and my cousin marie gone out, We don't know why but we feel like walking around the IT Park,and found out the Krispy Kreme was closed because of their Christmas Party so we went to MCDO after we had a coffee sessions, when we decide to go out, it rained hard so we ran as much we could. It was funny 'cause we're alone there on that big area running like a retards. After it, some converstations and picture takings, we decided to go home when I found out it's almost 4:30 in the morning, i never felt happier my entire life. THIS WAS A REAL FREEDOM for me. Oh How can i be so grateful with my cousins, without them, i will never experience what WILD really means. No worries, maybe after another year again, i can sleepover na :)) HAHAHA.

:wearing green top and a berret. Plain shorts and incredible shoes :D

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